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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CSI crushes

I like Adam Ross (wtf is his real name??! Imma look at the credits some time.) in CSI:NY :"):"):"):"):")

He is soooo cuuuute :)) Ako na weird ang taste sa lalaki. Srrrryyy na. I like boys who are sooooo funny and humorous, and at the same time, smart and serious-but-not-so-serious-haha.

My Loves : Adam Ross

Lols. Hahahahah. He is this guy at CSI:NY where he is often misunderstood, and hardly taken seriously. Well, he shows us that he CAN be serious. He does what he does best, just without a badge.

No more being sidelined, he deserves to be in the limelight now. Either you love him or love him, he is my science geek hottie, Adam Ross. It’s time for me to show my love for him!! Owyeeeehehes. ♥♥♥

Ugh. He's just so irresistible. When you get to watch him, he is often (or always LOL) caught by Mac Taylor goofing around his lab. He has this shocked reaction that I love most. And I like how he plays and have fun around the lab. Haha. How cute is that!!! *proud smirk*

Don't get him wrong, he is a total geniuuuuuus I tell you!! He solved this 3d puzzle of the NYC, ooh, I am proud!! And he solved a lot more but I can't tell all of them here because I'll be melting going "kilig" over him while telling the story. Lol. Ugh. He is so cute! :") I.SO.L♥VE.HIM!!


HAAAAAAAA, ampogi pogi pogi niya. Err :(( Nakakakilig. Hihi. Ang cute niya, pogi, hot, nakakatawa, lahat na! I LOVE HIM, PERIOD! :”):”)


Next is, Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) on CSI:Miami.

Actually he was number 1 on my list, but I want Adam to be number 1. So my Ryan here will be number 2 :( Aww. Why can't they all be my numer 1???! Wth :)) I dunno why Adam took his place? :| Maybe because Adam is much more goofy than Ryan who is more serious with things.

My Loves : Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo)

Medyo nagsawa na kasi ako kay Jonathan. Kasi naman, siya ang first crush ko sa buong CSI. Hahaha! XD

Ang gusto ko sakanya? Kasi ampogi niya shempre. Next kasi, pasaway siya. Haha! Sometimes he doesn’t follow the rules that’s why he was once expelled from the team. Huhu. But with his super mighty duper skill (and ofcourse, charm HIHIHI), he got back in no time. Haha! Lol.

Basta kasi ampogi niya at maappeal (for me), kaya gustong gusto ko siya. He has this tatoo, a joker riding in a balloon? I forgot the description. O_O I’m sure about the joker, not about the balloon. Hahaha! He is mascular, obviously. And he has this cute eyes and smile and blah. :”) Ugh. He is soooo hot! Brr.

He’s the goofy one around the lab and he really loves his work, swear, which really makes me WOOOOOW over him. *drools*

LOVE LOVE :)))))) *ang landeeeee* Hahaha.


Next, Jake Berkeley (Johnny Whitworth) on CSI:Miami.

jb My Loves : Jake Berkeley (Johnny Whitworth)


I swear he is a total hottie. He is obviously handome. FOR ME. Hahahaha! He got this super duper appealing powers over me. And he is a bad boy. Lols. *drools*

Ugh. He is Calleigh Duquesne’s boyfriend. Yes, they are a couple which means that one of them is not working at CSI.

Jake is the one not working in CSI, Calleigh is. He works as a secret agent/detective at Miami and they often time work on some cases. Woo. Just so you know, I like their love team :)

Sadly, I only have a crush on him. Haha. Adam and Ryan are the ones that I really LIKE :”) WOOOT. Hahahahah!


Next, Eric Szmanda of CSI:LV. Hahaha.

Recently ko lang siya naging crush kasi ngayon lang ako ulit nanuod ng CSI:LV :) Anw, he is also a total hottie like my Ryan Wolfe there. Hoho

Ampogi niya SHET! :)))))) HAAAAAAAY! @___@ *DROOOOLING*

1322_by_eric_szmanda My Loves : Eric Szmanda

Hahaha! He is so cuuuuuuuuuute. Omg omg omg. Though I can’t give much comments about his work at the scene because I’m not much of a fan of Las Vegas. I just hate the low-tech techies they use. O_O I mean, the machines are high-tech but when you’re used to watching Miami and NY, you’ll see what I mean. Hahaha

Las Vegas was the very first CSI series. Next was Miami then NY.

Anw, he is cuuute. Ugh. I noticed him already the first time I watched CSI:LV. And when we’re playing our CSI board game, I always choose him to be my character. Wahahah! Whattaloser XD I really like him. He has this cute smile :3 :(( :) :) :)


I won’t be posting the pictures of my next crushes. Uhh, they’re not my ultimate crushes, duuuh. :))

Danny Messer, husband of Lindsay Monroe, of CSI:NY. Woo. Hahaha. He is cute and fun. He loves Lindsay so much and they have this cute little baby :) Aww. They bring the baby over at the lab and let the people there teach the baby some stuffs about CSI-ing. LOL. They are a cute couple. Danny is cute, he has this expression “booom!”. Hahaha! Like when he gets a fingerprint from an evidence LOL. Get what I mean? Go figure it out yourself. Watch CSI:NY (or Miami or LV). Haha! Ako na malandi. Lol.

Next is, Eric Delko from CSI:Miami. He is cute, and has this great smile (perfect white teeth). And he was shot in the head but came back at the lab as soon as he was able to recover from the shot. He was having a hard time with his memory but his friends helped him with his work. Aww :3 He is strong just like Horatio Caine :)


Sorry na. Ang hilig ko sa CSI msyado. Medj lang talaga. Wahahahah! Sorry na fooooow XD

Watch CSI NY, Miami and LV. All of them are good, I swear. I really do love this crime solving-slash-investigating show :D Ooh, I wanna be on the team. Huhuhu. Lol. *dream on* HAHAHA!

Byeee. Enjoooy CSI :)

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